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FCA's nationally recognized observatory and planetarium provides high-quality space and science-related programming.

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We generally work with groups of scouts, pulbic schools, homeschools, corporations, churches, civic groups, universities, etc. with $300-$350+ minimum program fee requirements plus camping or lodging fees depending on the size of the group and what is requested.

However, we offer a free public program every second Friday of the month starting at 7:00pm sponsored by 4-County Electric. Check events on our website for dates. This program includes a tour through our space science exhibits, a presentation, and often an opportunity to look through one or more of our powerful telescopes, weather permitting. These programs are geared for individuals, couples, families or small groups but not for larger groups as we have limited seating

If you would like to schedule a private group visit with the above associated fees, please contact us.

P: 662.547.7283

If you are interested in group packages, click to view our available Packages

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6810 Highway 413,
French Camp, MS 39745

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1 Fine Place,
French Camp, MS 39745

P: 662.547.7283

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