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  • The Calendar Sky - Customize your own astronomical and space calendar with predictions for your geographical location, with astronomical events (eclipses, planetary conjunctions, etc.), International Space Station passage, and much more.

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  • Astronomy textbook from open source Wikibooks - free books which can edited (added to or corrected) by other visitors to the Wikibooks website


  • Spaceweather PHONE monthly service that will call you when any new space science or astronomy events (such as appearance of a new bright comet) occur.


  • AAVSO - American Association of Variable Star Observers - Information for observing and measuring the brightness curves of variable stars.
  • Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers - Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers is one of the oldest amateur astronomy organizations; learn all about viewing and doing serious scientific research on solar system objects (planets, the Sun, asteroids, comets, etc.)


  • Astronomical League - Confederation of U.S. astronomical societies inviting you to browse their information on astronomy and astronomical societies.


  • American Meteor Society - The American Meteor Society is a collaborative effort between amateur and professional astronomers, for the purpose of conducting visual observations of both meteor showers and meteors appearing at random (sporadic meteors).
  • International Dark Sky Association - A non-profit member organization that teaches others how to preserve the night sky through factsheets, law references, pictures, and web resources.