Mid South Star Gaze and Astronomy Conference

Rainwater Observatory is gearing up for its annual Midsouth Stargaze and Astronomy Conference! This event attracts amateur and professional astronomers from around the country. It is held under one of the few remaining dark skies in the southeastern United States and just off the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway near the village of French Camp, Mississippi.


More details to come!




“EXOPLANETS: Worlds Beyond Our Own!”




Rainwater Observatory in French Camp Mississippi will be offering a free updated program for this season called “EXOPLANETS: Worlds Beyond Our Own!” This presentation will be presented on Friday, August 9, 2019, starting at 7:00 p.m. by Edwin Faughn, director of Rainwater Observatory. The program is free but donations are always welcome.


This fascinating, educational and visually colorful and intensive presentation explores the history, science fiction and science fact of worlds beyond our Earth. To date there are now over 4000 confirmed extrasolar planets that have been discovered orbiting other stars in our Milkyway Galaxy! That number will eventually be in the trillions in years to come! These discoveries are exciting, tantalizing and reveal that the universe is far greater and more spectacular than anything we can even begin to comprehend! Come join us as we explore these beautiful and exotic worlds beyond our own!


Edwin Faughn is also an artist and lecturer specializing in space sciences and has presented hundreds of presentations to diverse groups including but not limited to universities, museums, science centers, schools, churches of most major denominations and other faith based and civic organizations. His original artwork has been featured in and on the covers of numerous international space science magazines, exhibitions and planetarium productions. A few of his credits include Scientific American, IAAA World Tour Space Art Exhibition, “The Artist's Universe", Federal Express World Headquarters and the world premiere of Titanic: The Exhibition. He also served nearly 20 years as the art director for the Sharpe Planetarium of the Pink Palace Family of Museums in Memphis, Tennessee. His work is now featured on the main KEPLER website of NASA's AMES RESEARCH CENTER.


After the presentation, weather permitting, an observing session will be held using some of Rainwater’s collection of powerful telescopes. The planetarium can be used if the outdoor observing is clouded out. Rainwater Observatory and Planetarium is located one mile east of the Natchez Trace Parkway off MS Highway 413 near the village of French Camp in Mississippi. Come early and enjoy Steak Night at the Council House Café, another support ministry of French Camp Academy.


For more information contact Rainwater Observatory at: 662-547-7283 or info@rainwaterobservatory.org.


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